US Cellular

US Cellular

Connecting with Metro Tech
US Cellular launched its grand opening in the Oklahoma City market on July 7, 2004, and swept through the metro like wild fire. A great amount of coordination was involved in preparing the new US Cellular workforce for the big event.

"Metro Technology Centers was a key factor in preparing US Cellular's employees and associates," said Director of Sales, Kenny Egli. US Cellular brought 250 jobs to the Oklahoma City market and continues to hire more employees. All 250 employees were trained at Metro Tech within a few months.

"We were so pleased with the convenient locations of Metro Tech throughout the metro area, the flexible hours seven days a week and easy access to the facilities and computers," continued Egli,
"We wanted to train employees close to where they lived. Metro Tech has five campuses with convenient locations on the north and south sides of the city."

US Cellular has been based in Chicago for 20 years. They currently have over 4 ½ million customers across 26 states. The company came to Oklahoma City after experiencing success in Tulsa and cities in Texas. Since July 7, US Cellular has opened 10 locations in Oklahoma City with 30 distribution points selling their products.

US Cellular maintains one of the industry's highest levels of customer satisfaction. They believe the customer's experience and service after the sale is more important than the product. "Customer service training is an absolute, not an option," said Egli.

The company also believes in supporting the community through charitable contributions, community relations programs and volunteer activities. Keeping a strong community is important to US Cellular for maintaining staff and customer satisfaction. US Cellular plans to continue connecting with the community for strong economic development in Oklahoma City.