Metro Tech Economic Development Center provides services that help launch successful family business

As a child, Luis Diaz worked in his father’s accounting firm. It was there that he formed a rock-solid work ethic and a love for numbers. Years later – after graduating from college with a degree in accounting – he married his college sweetheart, Rocio, built a mortgage business and worked as a payroll manager.

In 2008, he moved his family to Oklahoma to be closer to his brother and take advantage of lower living costs and better job opportunities. Times got tough as his job fell through, requiring him to work odd jobs morning until night to support his family that now included two sons.

“Then one year I got a tax refund and decided to take a chance and launch my own business. I was introduced to Reinaldo Diaz at the Metro Tech Economic Development Center, and he helped me establish a business plan to turn my dreams into a reality,” Luis said.

In the months that followed, Reinaldo assisted Luis in establishing strategies to get his start-up business off the ground, and Luis began knocking on doors to acquire clients. 

“Once a week I went out and called on businesses to offer payroll and tax services. Most businesses already had an accountant, but I didn’t quit. I offered free seminars, handed out hundreds of business cards and met everyone I could,” he said, adding that when he finally secured his first client, he wasn’t even sure what to charge.

After two years of small business training and assistance through the Metro Tech Economic Development Center and another year renting a shared space, Luis purchased his own building to house Diaz Accounting. Today, Luis, Rocio (who left her full-time job to join the family business) and their son, Edgar, have 30 full-time clients and many others that utilize the firm for miscellaneous items.

The secret to their success, the family said, is helping people with little things. Once people trust you to handle little things professionally, they trust you with bigger transactions.

“We teach our clients as we offer services to them, and we give back as much as possible. We are always learning to pass that knowledge on to our customers. Our goal for 2017 is 100 new clients, and we’ll knock on as many doors as we need to.”

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