Metro Career Academy Entrpreneurship graduate discovers passion through CareerTech program

When Zach Workman showed up at Metro Career Academy in 2013, he was a troubled teen who had been expelled from Harding Charter Academy. Although he came with a terrible attitude, he quickly realized how much his teachers cared about his success and began to work hard.

“I had never received an award for anything, but when I started receiving awards for my grades at MCA, I worked harder because I wanted more,” Zach said.

Striving to be a better man, Zach said, was influenced greatly by the support and encouragement of his teachers.

“Mrs. Bryant was my science teacher and when a student passed her class, she took their family to dinner. Mr. Britt talked me into joining Men of Distinction (MOD) and through that program, I learned to tie a tie. I had never dressed up or worn a tie before. He gave me a book that I didn’t read until years later, but when I did, it impacted me.”

Zach was encouraged to enroll in a career major; and while managing the Java Dave’s Coffee Shop on campus through the Entrepreneurship Program, he discovered a passion for sales and people. He enjoyed all aspects of running a business: inventory, selling product, interacting with people. The experience spurred him to take a sales job at Stein Mart, where for three months he was the top salesman for credit card sales.

After graduating from MCA four months early in 2013, he attended Oklahoma City Community College where he majored in business. His uncle who lived in Dallas came to visit one day and inquired about Zach’s future plans. A successful entrepreneur himself, his uncle moved Zach to Dallas and together, they are building affordable housing from shipping containers. They are also working on launching an educational program that teaches kids to be self-reliant.  

Metro Tech is an Oklahoma technology school that offers free tuition to Oklahoma City Public Schools, Crooked Oak Public Schools and Millwood Public Schools students. Full-time and part-time training is offered for adult students, as well as customized Business & Industry training. For more information call (405) 424-TECH.