Health Careers Certification graduate turns clinicals into full-time position

Health Careers Center (HCC) Health Careers Certifications Teacher Mrs. Post-Vailes described graduate Ashley Martinez with strong character traits: enthusiastic, compassionate, kind-hearted, always willing to help, constant smile on her face, sweet and innocent.

“Ashley carries herself gracefully personally and professionally; that’s why she’s successful,” Mrs. Post-Vailes said.

Ashley – a 2016 ASTEC Charter High School Graduate – graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA and completed Pharmacy Clerk, Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and Advanced Unlicensed Assistant (AUA) during her two years at Metro Tech. She passed the CNA certification test and recently interviewed against many candidates for a position on the 10th floor of Southwest Integris Hospital.

She got the job.

“Ashley performed well during clinicals, and they remembered that. I stress to students the importance of behaving professionally during their time at Southwest, and speaking to administration about job opportunities. She did everything we trained her to do, and it paid off for her,” her teacher said.

As a full-time employee, Ashley will receive benefits to include tuition reimbursement, health insurance and shift differential pay. Once she passes the AUA exam, her pay will increase. What does the future hold for Ashley?

“I’m taking classes at OSU-OKC and exploring my career options. At first, I wanted to be a registered nurse, but there are so many areas of medicine that interest me. I want to keep learning and growing,” she said.

Ashley’s brother, Brandon Martinez, also an ASTEC Charter student, enrolled in the STEM Academy Pre-Engineering Program at Metro Tech this year after witnessing her success.