Shirley Sexton: Cosmetology Graduate

Shirley Sexton: Cosmetology Graduate

Shirley Sexton worked as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) in her twenties when she decided to attend the Cosmetology Program at Metro Tech. After three unsuccessful attempts at completing the program, she waited several years and then tried again.

“I went back to school for the last time when I was 36-years-old,” Shirley explains. “I was older, more mature, decided to actually show up for class, and I passed with flying colors. I just needed to develop a little more discipline, and Mrs. Tomlinson (now retired) was a wonderful and supportive instructor, so that helped.”

After graduating from Metro Tech in 2010, Shirley went to work at Supercuts, where she spent two years building a clientele and was quickly promoted to manager of her own location, overseeing six stylists. Management is a role she performs confidently, thanks in part to her SkillsUSA leadership role at the Beauty Academy (BA). Supervising two fellow Metro Tech BA graduates also keeps work fun and engaging.

“Kourtney with a K graduated from Metro Tech in 2000 and has been with Supercuts four years. Courtney with a C and I graduated together, so I was surprised the day she walked in to interview at my salon location. We all work well together; I got lucky,” Shirley says.

Shirley plans to continue on the management path at Supercuts, and then one day own a salon with her husband, a massage therapist.