Sade Justice: Cosmetology Graduate

Sade Justice: Cosmetology

Sade Justice is a woman with a plan and the drive to pursue it.

After graduating from Edmond Santa Fe High School, she enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at Metro Technology Centers and made the most of her education. Not only did she participate in SkillsUSA competitions to showcase her newly-learned skills, she was also a member of the leadership team at the Beauty Academy.

When she graduated from Metro Tech in 2011, Sade left the Beauty Academy with career skills, leadership training, and the comfort of her instructor, Taiseka Adams being just a phone call away.

“I still talk to Taiseka all the time, she’s always available to answer questions or help me. And, because we did so much community service while I was in school, I really learned how to interact with clients which helps me build my clientele in the salon,” Sade says.

Sade went to work for Supercuts as she felt working on commission while building her clientele was the best avenue for her. Turns out she was right; she has worked for Supercuts two years and supervises four stylists as head of her salon location. With a bright future ahead, Sade plans to continue building her clientele, gaining management experience and honing her Metro Technology education.