Saved By an Angel

Saved By an Angel

During the summer, a former Law Enforcement student was able to use skills, he learned in class, to save a woman’s life.

Angel Salazar was with his family at Stars and Stripes Park on Lake Hefner. Salazar noticed an elderly woman grab her chest and fall to the ground. Angel quickly ran to the woman and began implementing procedures he had learned for administering CPR.

While performing CPR, Angel told his parents to call 911. Oklahoma City fire and police workers soon arrived to the scene. The ailing woman was transported to a local hospital. She survived a stroke.

After the woman had been safely transported, the fire and police personnel had surprised looks on their faces. One asked Salazar, “Where did you learn to do that?”Angel said very proudly, “I learned CPR at Metro Tech’s Public Safety Academy.” He then pulled out his wallet and showed his CPR card to the police officers.

Angel Salazar has since performed other accomplishments. He received first place in the State SkillsUSA competition for Crime Scene Investigation. He then competed in the National SkillsUSA Convention in Kansas City. During the conference Angel proudly told his story of saving a life to his instructor Johnny Loudermilk. Angel said, “I’m glad to have made a difference in the woman’s life.”

Saved By an Angel - Angel Salazar

Angel Salazar is currently enlisted in the military in South Carolina. He hopes to study military police law and go to college with a GI bill to study petroleum engineering. Angel hopes to save more lives in the future.