Nominees announced for High School Superintendent's Student of the Year

Each year, five high school and five adult students are nominated for Superintendent’s Student of the Year, the highest honor awarded during Metro Tech’s school year. Students are nominated by Site Directors, based on grades, attendance, leadership skills and character traits; and the winner is announced during the Metro Tech Commencement Ceremony on Tuesday, May 12.

This year’s nominees for High School Student of the Year are:

Daniela Dominguez
Southeast High School Junior
1st year Metro Tech student, Health Careers Center (HCC) CNA & Pharmacy Tech

Daniela will be the first person on either side of her family to graduate high school and this motivates her to maintain a 3.7 GPA at Southeast, where she is on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. She enjoys giving back to her community, and has helped out with organizations such as the Salvation Army, Susan G. Kolman Race for the Cure and OETA Festival 2015. 

“Metro Tech has given me confidence to step up and do more. Before this year, I didn’t even try to compete because I didn’t think I could win, but now I know I can.”

Wyatt Dickson
US Grant High School Senior
2nd year Metro Tech student, Aviation Careers Campus (ACC)

Wyatt attends the AM class at ACC, spends his afternoon completing high school credits at US Grant, then returns to ACC in the evenings to complete his program quickly for a job at Tinker Air Force Base. In his free time, Wyatt makes homemade knives from raw steel and wood and then gifts them to family and friends. He is 100% self-taught from Youtube.

“I learn lots of information at Metro Tech about aircraft, but also how to be a good person. My instructors are smart and keep me focused on the right things. I’m learning valuable skill sets.”

Abigail Esparza
Metro Career Academy Senior
2nd year Metro Tech student, South Bryant Campus (SBC) Video Design

Abigail came to Metro Tech at the urging of her sister, who was enrolled in another program. Her love of movies is what inspired her to pursue an education behind the camera, and meeting Johnny Depp’s makeup artist at the DEADcenter Film Festival with her Metro Tech class further solidified her love of editing. Through Lillies and Reed at MCA, she job shadowed Justin Daugherty at News 9 last year, and dreams of one day owning an advertising agency. She is already enrolled at Oklahoma City Community College for the summer session and plans to major in film editing with her sister.

“My teacher at Metro Tech teaches me to think outside the box. He motivates me to look at things differently, to find the positive in every situation.”

Raquel Blanco
ASTEC Charter Junior
1st year Metro Tech student, Information Technology Center Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk

Raquel came to Metro Tech upon the recommendation of her sister, who was previously in Leslie Cooksey’s Entrepreneurship class and loved it. Raquel maintains a 4.0 GPA with 95% attendance, which qualified her for the National Technical Honor Society at Metro Tech. She is a member of Business Professionals of America (BPA) and volunteered for Oklahoma City Public Schools High School Career Day at Metro Tech, and maintained a professional image while discussing her program.

“Metro Tech has given me knowledge about my future, and helped me feel more comfortable about going to college.”

Gissel Ramirez
Metro Career Academy Senior
2nd year Metro Tech student, MCA Culinary Arts

Gissel is a member of National Technical Honor Society, MCA Yearbook Committee, MCA Prom Committee, Student Council, Women of Worth (WOW), and serves as Senior Class Coordinator for MCA and Student Ambassador for MCA and Metro Tech. In addition to her leadership activities, Gissel works part-time at Chesapeake Arena, a job she was recommended for by her teacher, Chef Travis. Her role model is her mom, who is always there for her, never gives up on her and pushes her to be a better person.

“Being a leader here at Metro Tech has given me confidence to achieve my goals. I have also learned life skills important to getting a job.”