Metro Tech produces mask bands for healthcare workers

 mask band

Metro Technology Centers Pre-Engineering students are using 3-D Printers to make bands for healthcare workers!

Teacher Janet Portwood said the bands relieve pressure on the ears for people having to wear mask for long hours. Using the band, they're able to adjust the mask for a customized fit. Portwood says her students have made over 1,100 bands so far and they don't plan on stopping until they run out of material.

Portwood teamed up with Metro Tech’s Health Careers Director Shawna Blackburn to determine the need for the bands and worked with STEM students on the project. After consulting with advisory board members, Janet researched design options and provided two examples of what could be produced. They were tested and approved, then production began.

Janet said that student involvement helps them to see how the equipment we use to produce projects in the classroom can be used to serve others where there is a need. “Student engagement is improved when they realize they can apply what is being learned in the classroom to real life events, and make a different for others,” she said.

Local television station Fox 25 recently ran this story about the project.