Metro Tech launches PN Select program for high school students

In August of 2017, Metro Tech launched the Practical Nursing (PN) Select program for high school students - only the second program of its kind in Oklahoma. 

Twelve high school seniors from Oklahoma City Public Schools Southeast, NW Classen, Millwood and John Marshall High Schools were selected for the program, and will attend LPN Select at Metro Tech half days until June 2018. After a two-week break, they'll return as full-time adult students and graduate in December 2018.

Although students agreed with each other that program rigor is challenging while trying to balance high school; it's worth it to reach their goals sooner. 

PN Select student Erick Hernandez completed the Health Careers Certification program last year as a high school junior, and earned his Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) certification. Hernandez said his steps at Metro Tech have been a progression towards his ultimate career goal.

"I want to become a cardiologist, and Metro Tech has helped me build an academic foundation for medical school. We've become a big family in this program, which helps when the lessons get tough," he said.

Teacher Lois Miller said the benefit of a high school PN program is students being prepared for the workforce six months sooner, and although PN Select admission criteria is selective; there's less competition for the 12 spots offered to high school students than that of adult programs.