Metro Tech honors TEEM Ministries as 2019 OkACTE Partners for Progress

The Oklahoma Association for Technology Centers recognized top industry partners for training and employing thousands of Oklahoma workers through CareerTech technology center programs last Wednesday at the annual Partners for Progress awards ceremony. 

Metro Tech selected The Education and Employment Ministry - also known as TEEM Ministries - for partnering with Metro Tech to create a unique model offering education and certification programs to adults impacted by the criminal justice system. The partnership and training helps justice-involved individuals acquire professional skills to support them in finding and retaining successful employment.

State secretary for commerce, Sean Kouplen, who was on hand to congratulate award recipients said, “Partners for Progress represents a powerful alliance between CareerTech and employers to train Oklahomans and put them to work in quality jobs. Last year alone, almost 7,000 organizations took advantage of CareerTech training resulting in more than 350,000 enrollments statewide.  That is a powerful step toward building a top ten state with skilled workers.”

Metro Tech Superintendent Bob Parrish said, “Metro Tech is proud to partner with TEEM and support their efforts to create a strong and prepared workforce for Oklahoma.” 

Metro Tech is an Oklahoma technology school that offers free tuition to Oklahoma City Public Schools, Crooked Oak Public Schools and Millwood Public Schools students. Full-time and part-time training is offered for adult students, as well as customized Business & Industry training. For more information (405) 424-TECH.