Metro Career Academy students highlight Native American tribes during 2018 Native Fair

Metro Career Academy students and their teachers educated visitors on the history and culture of Native American tribes during the 2018 Native Fair, a project designed to strengthen student skills in English, art, social studies and speech. 

High school students at Metro Career Academy were tasked with choosing a tribe and creating a cultural experience for visitors through the use of display boards, hand-crafted artifacts and verbally communicating the tribe's history and culture. 

Teachers Tessa Martin and Landon Young said students not only learn extensively through hands-on projects such as the Native Fair, they enjoy the experience as well. 

"Students were surprised at the knowledge they gained and several commented on the complexity of creating artifacts. This project gave them a greater appreciation for the ingenious and resilient nature of Native Americans," she said. 

Young commented that teachers, students and visits benefited from the Native Fair. 

"Every students who participates in these projects learns something new about themselves. They uncover hidden talents and step into the next challenge with added confidence they didn't possess before," he said. 

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