Metro Tech student wins donated car through Metro Tech Foundation

Tuesday started as a normal day for Samiyah Dungee, a second-year student in the Cosmetology program at South Bryant Campus. In the morning, she attends college classes at Oklahoma City Community College, and after that, comes to Metro Tech for her Nail Technology program. She also works part-time, with a goal of completing her program at Metro Tech and using that skill to continue working while she finishes college.

When she submitted an application for the car drawing, she never dreamed she would win. She wrote:

"I currently drive a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am given to me by a relative. The car was in Hurricane Katrina so it's rusted inside and has electrical issues. My car is a danger to myself and others, but my money is funding my education so I can't afford another one."

Samiyah was quite overjoyed when her name was called as the winning applicant.

The car, a 2009 Toyota Corolla, was generously donated by Executive Officer Matt Campbell, who told students he felt compelled to donate the car rather than sell it.

"I was a student at Metro Tech once just like all of you. I went through a few cars, had transportation problems, so I know that struggle. I lost my wife Jessica earlier this year and I knew she would want someone deserving to have her car just like I do," he said.

Thank you Matt Campbell, Metro Tech Foundation and CONGRATULATIONS SAMIYAH!