Metro Tech graduates turns love of "fixing things" into flourishing career

When Robert Lee graduated from US Grant High School, he wasn’t quite sure what he would do with the rest of his life. But he knew he wanted to work with his hands.

“I eventually enrolled at Metro Tech in the Auto Collision program because I always liked fixing things. My cousin and I were always working on cars growing up,” he said.

While Robert enjoyed the education he got in the classroom with Mr. Webb and Mr. Sanchez, it was the required internship towards the end of the program that solidified his future.

“I learned on-the-job that you get paid per completed job. In order to get more jobs, people have to trust you and leave satisfied. If not, they don’t come back,” he said

After graduating from Metro Tech in 2009, he worked in a few automotive shops before landing at Capitol Hill Auto Repair, where he has worked for the last three years. With only two people running the shop, he has, at times, worked 7-day work weeks for three months straight, but he has no complaints.

“I have learned a lot here, and eventually I want to buy old cars and fix them up for resell. I recently purchased a car for $100 because the motor was blown. I put a $600 motor in it and can now sell it for $2400. It’s a great skill,” he said.