Metro Tech forms partnership with local security company

Metro Tech forms partnership with Elite Security Company

Six months ago, Metro Tech Adult Instructional Coordinator James Guerrero made contact with Shane McBroom, owner of Elite Protection Services, to inquire about possible employment for Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Program graduates. James learned that Elite had job opportunities as well as current employees in need of further training. The discussions became a partnership between Metro Tech and Elite that turned into employment for at least 30 Metro Tech graduates.

The partnership between Metro Tech and Elite has grown and evolved over the months. In the upcoming course schedule, Elite has an ad which states you are guaranteed an interview with Elite Protection Security when you complete Phases 1, 2 and 4 Security Officer courses with Metro Technology Centers. And, according to Shane of Elite, “if a person employed with us is only certified for unarmed, we adjust their schedule and pay for them to complete Phase 4 training at Metro Tech which means they can do armed security and earn more money.” 

In business for 12 years, Elite currently employs 50-80 people depending on need and has sent at least 50 new hires to Metro Tech for training. Due to Elite’s employment needs, Metro Tech and Elite also partner with two other career tech schools to meet their high employment demand.