Metro Tech Business & Industry trains 8,000 through City of OKC partnership

Eight years ago, 3 Metro Tech Business and Industry employees, and 1 City of Oklahoma City Utilities staff member visited Autry Technology Center to benchmark the concept of embedded training coordinators. The City of Oklahoma City Utility Department had a need for customized, on-site employee safety training so Metro Tech assigned two coordinators to develop a system.

One year after the benchmark visit, training requirements had been identified for every position within all seven divisions of the Utilities Department. The training initially focused on meeting the requirements of The Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program (PEOSH), but has since evolved into much more, including the addition of Richard Broom, a full-time Metro Tech Industrial Coordinator, dedicated to the Utilities Department training. Broom has officed in the Utilities Department since he accepted the position with Metro Tech in 2008, after retiring from the Safety Department at General Motors. Richard meets weekly with leadership and staff from the Utilities Department to coordinate training efforts.

During 2013, Metro Tech coordinated training for 804 separate classes and trained more than 8,000 employees within the Utilities Department. According to Metro Tech Chief Officer for Business & Industry Services Steve Stockwell, the safety training has resulted in a 50% injury rate reduction among Utilities Department personnel over the last five years.

“Our partnership has evolved into more programs, and the addition of Utilities University, which focuses on soft skill development and is led by Sharron Glover. We are now looking at what the partnership can do to reduce the injury rate even farther,” Steve said.

Eight years later

  • FY12 – 787 classes offered, 7,651 Utilities Department employees trained
  • FY13 – 804 classes offered, 8,000 Utilities Department employees trained
  • 12 adjunct instructors, 1 full-time instructor
  • Developed specialized curriculum
  • Customized calendar for scheduling purposes