Marquita Roberson: Early Care and Education Director Graduate

As a teenager Marquita Roberson stayed busy. She attended Douglas High School, took classes at Metro Technology Centers, and worked in a child care center, never dreaming she would one day have her own.

Marquita graduated from high school and Metro Tech in 2003, continued working with children, and had two of her own. In June of 2013, after almost two years of renovations to an old house, Sweet Dreams Development Center opened with Marquita Roberson as the owner and director.

The child care center already boasts an enrollment of 28 children, not surprising when you spend any amount of time observing Marquita. Her fun personality and laid-back attitude creates a positive energy in the room, and all the children flock to her.

“I always loved kids, which is why I worked in daycares so many years. I have two children of my own and they’re my life,” she said.

Her Metro Tech education was instrumental to her success, both as a child caretaker and business owner.

According to Marquita, “my education at Metro Tech gave me the certification and credentials needed to get licensure as a director, and I also acquired book knowledge about children. Every day here is different though, so my hands-on training at CCC and out in the community really helped me.”

Sweet Dreams Development Center is located at 624 N.E. 3rd Street in Oklahoma City and can be reached at (405) 763-5822.