Metro Career Academy

Metro Career Academy

A Full-Service Community School

Metro Career Academy

Metro Career Academy has three major goals for students:

  1. Achieve a high school diploma
  2. Complete career training
  3. Prepare for college


Only a third of American students will leave high school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

MCA Students

MCA is designed to foster academic achievement, career development, community support and health care services for students and their families. The challenges facing today’s families and students in their daily lives often become serious barriers to student success. MCA uses a holistic approach to serve those students who need assistance beyond the traditional educational environment.


MCA Students

MCA Serves At-Risk Students

MCA serves students, ages 15 and older, who face adverse barriers toward achieving a high school diploma and career training. MCA serves not only students but their families as well.

MCA Brings the Community to Students 
MCA’s Parent Resource Center, Mentorship Program and community partners work with students, family and community members.

  • The Parent Resource Center is a family-focused program enabling parents and family members to become more involved with their children’s education.
  • The Mentorship Program connects students and caring 
    individuals. Mentors provide support, advice and friendship. 
    They also serve as positive role models. 
  • Community Partners provide a network of supportive 
    services between the school and the community. 

MCA students waling into building

 MCA Helps Students Graduate

  • “Nationally, 1.3 million members of the public high school freshman class fail to graduate with a diploma. That amounts to a loss of 7,200 students from the U.S. graduation pipeline every school day, or one student every 25 seconds”
  • 3 out of every 10 students in Oklahoma schools fail to finish high school with a diploma
  • 4 out of every 10 minority students fail to finish high school with a diploma
  • Students who fail to finish high school will face greater hardships than their graduating peers
    Source: Diplomas Count 2010; Education Week; June 2010

MCA Uses Innovative Learning Approaches

MCA Graduate

  • One-on-one instruction with caring teachers
  • Nurturing and supportive learning environment
  • Personal case workers
  • Individual learning plans
  • Individualized instruction through online curriculum (APEX)
  • Academic instruction integrated with occupational skills training
  • Career counseling
  • Health and human services
  • Parental and mentoring involvement
  • Parent education
  • Community partnerships
  • Internship opportunities
  • Access to washers, dryers, showers and clothing

Two-Thirds of State Prisoners are Dropouts

3 out of 10 Oklahoma students don’t receive a diploma

1.35 million children are homeless

50% drop out rate among ethnic minorities

MCA removes barriers by ringing the resources to the students


We Make a Difference

The Metro Career Academy practices the five basic beliefs of the Communities in Schools movement as outlined by Bill Milliken in The Last Dropout: Stop the Epidemic!


MCA students in classMCA student with computer


We provide every student with a...

Relationship with Caring Adults
We believe all students need someone who cares enough to be there for them. Mentoring is the presence of caring individuals who provide young people with support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples. Our Mentorship program can and does help young people succeed, no matter what the circumstances. In addition, our Parent Resource Center (PRC) provides a wide range of training and services to meet the needs of parents and family members. The PRC encourages families to be involved in their students’ education.

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow
The National Coalition for the Homeless estimates that, on any given night, 1.35 million children age 18 and younger are homeless. We believe students need a safe place outside of their home or a refuge in lieu of a home. Our facility is a true community center that gives students a safe and caring environment in which to learn, grow and succeed. We also provide students, teachers, staff and visitors with a safe learning environment free of drugs, weapons, and bullying.

A Healthy Start and a Healthy Future
It’s hard to learn if you are sick, hungry or hurting. We have created community partnerships to address the physical and mental challenges facing so many of our students. We have an on-site health center that provides medical, dental, and mental health services to the students and the community. In addition, we have community partners who provide assistance with drug and alcohol addiction, financial planning and child services, just to name a few.

A Marketable Skill to Use Upon Graduation
We realize students need a high school diploma to be successful, but we know they also need occupational training to enter gainful employment or to advance to higher education. Our case workers help students develop individual learning plans to help them reach their educational and career goals. These plans align the students’ academic and career goals so they are earning high school academic credits while learning a marketable skill.

A Chance to Give Back
We believe students must learn: it is as important to give, as it is to receive. We encourage our students to become involved in volunteering, peer mentoring, character development and community service projects to help them develop their spirits, as well as their bodies and minds.

MCA teacher working with students

MCA students

Why do students drop out


Metro Career Academy Partners

Partners who work on-site with MCA students on a weekly basis include:

ArtWorks Academy

ArtWorks Academy of Performing Arts

Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership

Eagle Ridge Institute

Eagle Ridge Institute

Heart of a Champion Foundation

Heart of a Champion Foundation

Life Change Ballroom

Life Change Ballroom

Oklahoma City Museum of Art logo

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Oklahoma Marriage Initiative

Oklahoma Marriage Initiative

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Youth Services for Oklahoma County

Youth Services for Oklahoma County, Inc.

Oklahoma Afterschool Network

Oklahoma Afterschool Network

  • Beautify Evolution

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Oklahoma

  • C.A.R.E. for Change, Inc.

  • Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Program

  • Cultural Awareness through Visual Arts – CAVA

  • Dream Driven to Succeed

  • Family Development and Intervention Services

  • Healthy Start

  • HopeWorks – Public Speaking

  • Oklahoma Black Museum and Performing Arts Center

  • Oklahoma City Police Department

  • OU Health and Science Center

  • Perry Klaasen Medical Center

  • Quayle United Methodist Church

  • Redirection, Intervention and Mentoring Program

  • Village Concepts – College Prep 101

  • YES Student Organization

  • Zumba with Rhonda Gray

MCA is LEED certified

Metro Technology Centers would like to thank

CMS Willowbrook




Quinn & Associates

Quinn & Associates architects

For helping us create the first LEED-qualified, full-service community school, Metro Career Academy.