Electronic Health Records Specialist Career Major - Overview

Electronic Health Records Specialist

Electronic Health Records Specialist
Information Technology Center
(Springlake Campus)
Career Major Length
1345 hours
Who Can Enroll
Juniors, Seniors & Adults
M-F 7:40-10:30A &/or 11:25A-2:15P
In-State Tuition:
Out-of-State Tuition:
Book Costs:
Exam Fees:
Supplies Costs:
Average Oklahoma Salary

To meet the growing needs of healthcare facilities in maintaining electronic health records (EHR), students will learn regulatory requirements, healthcare terminology/acronyms, organizational behavior, medical business operations, and a basic understanding of practice workflow while adhering to code of conduct policies and best practices. Students will gain the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy, and support health IT systems in various clinical settings

Career Major Length
1345.00Total Hours
Course Title
Fundamentals of Technology
Fundamentals of Administrative Technologies
Foundations of Medical Office/Medical Terminology
Patient Billing
Medical Insurance
ICD-CPT Coding
Electronic Health Records I
electronic Health Records II
Electronic Health Records Specialist Capstone

Helpful Attributes and Abilities

  • Reading, language and math skills at the 8th grade level or above
  • Positive attitude and dependability
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Strong ethical standards

Required Prerequisites

  • IMMUNIZATIONS: ■ Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella One of the following: a) Positive rubella, rubeola, and mumps titer b) One (1) MMR AND positive (+) titer for rubeola & mumps c) Two (2) MMR Vaccines ■ T.B. Screening Tuberculin (PPD) Test
  • One of the following: a)Two (2) negative TB skin tests, given within the last 12-month period prior to beginning clinicals. Student must stay current during their entire clinical stay. OR B) If positive TB, student must present:
  • Documented proof of positive TB ; A negative chest x-ray ; Public health release ; Current symptom survey
  • Hepatitis B - One of the following: a) Three (3) hepatitis vaccinations b) Positive hepatitis B surface antibody c) Hepatitis B waiver signed by student
  • Varicella - One of the following: a) Two (2) varicella vaccinations b) Positive varicella titer
  • CPR : BLS for Healthcare Provider (American Heart Association)
  • BACKGROUND CHECK: A background check by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) or a different approved entity is required. The instructor will notify students of specific background check for participation in a clinical experience.
  • (Must include a sex and violent offender check)
  • Each clinical facility may accept or deny any student based on information obtained from a background check. If clinical placement is denied, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course or Career Major.
  • Clinical pre-requisites are subject to change and will be reviewed in detail during orientation session.