The Buildings on the Springlake Campus

Springlake Campus Map

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Building Parking Entrance
Business Conference Center - 1900 Springlake Drive    
     Auditorium Lot D Entry 6
     Bursar Lot D Entry 6
     Enrollment Lot D Entry 6    
     Handicapped access Lot D Entry 6
     Human Resources Lot D Entry 6
     Meeting Rooms A-J Lot D or E Entry 6 or 7
     Metro Cafe Lot E Cafe
     Student Enrollment Lot D Entry 6

Child Care Training Center - 3901 Martin Luther King Blvd.

Lot F Entry 8

Economic Development Center - 1700 Springlake Drive

Lot I Entry 13 or 14
Health Careers Center 1720 Springlake Drive    
     Guests & handicapped access Lot G Entry 10
     Students Lot I Entry 11

Information Technology Center - 1800 Springlake Drive

Log C Entry 4 or 5
Metro STEM Academy - 1901 Springlake Dr.    
     Perry Klaassen Clinic Lot A Entry 1
     Students Lot B Entry 2

Metro Career Academy - 1700 Staton Drive

Lot H Entry 12