Parent Resource Center

Parent Resource Center

Metro Technology Center's Parent Resource Center (PRC) coordinates a wide range of services to meet the multiple needs of parents. The PRC's warm and supporting environment invites parents to:

  • children with their parentsBe more engaged in their child's education
  • Access services
  • Enhance parenting skills & develop tools to assure student success

Mission: MTC’s Parent Resource Center works in concert with community partners to provide parents with services needed to enhance their lives, which equips parents to help their children become successful in work and life.

Services/Activities include:

  • Academic skills enhancement
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Financial literacy: Understanding credit reports; Budgeting; Smart money management & more
  • Housing, food, clothing, medical assistance,
    child care assistance
  • IDA savings plan (matched savings plan)
  • Library access
  • Parenting tools for assuring student success
  • RX (prescription) assistance
  • Support groups

For more information call 595-4325
or e-mail